Friday, June 3, 2011

Vintage Summer Suits

Hey Kittens, it's Summertime, and I would want nothing more than a long vacation, an exoctic location and a vintage bathing suit to parade around in all season. My favorite time period for retro suits are during the 60's. They were sexy yet classy and as sophisticated as a bathing suit can get. I'm inspired by this picture that I found, included in the book "Beauty is Goddess" by Deborah Willis. The book takes a look at the beauty of black people dating back form the 1890 post slavery era to present day.

This picture is of four lovely black women posing in Atlantic City (1960's Image: W.W. Norton & Co.) 
So of course after seeing this pic, I began my hunt for the perfect vintage bathing suit. This is what I've found so far!

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